Detention Centres to Dust (Poster)

Detention Centres to Dust…1

The deportation machine is one of those piles of shit, so mundane, of the normality of this system based on exploitation and control. Of a system which wants to see all of us submissive and resigned. The detention centres are therefore also the mirror of the prison reality in which we live: to arrest and imprison masses of undocumented persons, to deport them by the thousands, is to put pressure on each of and every one of us.

With their barbed wire, their bars, their cameras and their guards, these prisons for foreigners are veritable democratic camps.

Under the pretext of helping imprisoned non-status persons, Cimade, France Terre d’Asile, Assfam, Forum Réfugiés, and l’Ordre de Malte have just divvied up the legal information market for 5 million euros. Service provision businesses, they grow fat by and participate in the deportation machine, adding themselves to the long list of those who already profit from imprisonment (construction, logistics, transport…).

At the masked ball of good conscience, domination’s humanitarian smile is only the other face of its truncheon.

Thus, these charitable vultures have no other function, in fact, than to offer a more respectable face for the arbitrary nature of deportations, and to sort on behalf of the State by reducing lives to “good” and “bad” dossiers. On a principle of delegation, these illusionists of legal evasion guarantee that one can only get out of the centres by bending oneself to the rules of the game. They isolate, separate and divide in the very place where there could be solidarity and struggle. In sum, they go against all revolt and find themselves across the path of all lovers of freedom.

In this social war without truce, to subvert the order of this world, let’s break the consensus and attack all that which makes undesirables of us.

…Fire to the Prisons


(Poster found on the walls of many French cities)

1Pour des cendres de retention… is the original, cendres meaning ‘ashes’ and being one letter away from ‘centres de retention’, or ‘detention centres’.



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