Storm Heaven is a collection of English translations of articles from the Parisian anarchist journal Guerre au paradis, No. 1, put out in January, 2010. Translations will be posted here as they are completed. stormheaven (at) riseup (dot) net

This aperiodically and anonymously published anarchist journal has as its single goal to be a contribution of theory (and more) to the social war which has raged forever. We think that it is by the attack against that which destroys us, by rage and flames, that we can break the current consensus and leave room for a world without States or borders, freed from the economy and the mechanisms of domination that prevent us from enjoying the eternal dance of individual freedom. May love and hate intertwine in the ruins of this world, may the fires of revolt spread, as upon black powder in the belly of the beast. Until the next issue.


This issue is dedicated to the memory of Julien (1987-2010).
Because it reminds us that to fight against the existent is to fight for your existence.
Because this world pushes us to such extremes, because life is so precarious a wager.
Black is our sorrow and is our rage to see you leave so quickly; we love you and we forget nothing.

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